Plunging into a principled era! :Amish Agarwal 

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It was rightly quoted by someone that India is the cradle of human race, birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, & the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable & most instructive materials in history of man are treasured up in India only. Indian terrain has fostered tons of settlements, whilst existence of man emerged denser & wittier. He started working & bartered his commodities. Later he realised the futility of life without a standard currency.

Subsequently, some he started ruling over the others. He started collecting this currency from others in exchange of un-kept promises. This superior man came to be called as the monarch. Time whiled away, these things were inherited with little variations.

As the ideals of democracy were imparted into the power blocs, there was a substantial requirement of money. Therefore this collected wealth soared & was called tax. Simultaneously colonial rule saw the rise in tax in bargain for better services. With time even, tax became the livelihood of nations, where it was imposed on almost every transaction. As population grew, it became cutthroat for the man to earn resulting into a wave of reluctance in him for payment of taxes. He illicitly started to stash up his money for future, showing least concern for the nation. This wealth was known as unaccounted money, or black money. This brought about a resistance in the nation’s development.

As the time flew, man became smarter. He developed plastic money in the electrical era. His greatest achievement lay in devising the online transactions, debit cards, credit cards & net banking. This was often used for fraudulent cheating & online robberies. This brought about a fear in the man & he preferred the materialistic cash over the new innovations.

Again with popularisation of cash, black money reserves grew until a paralleled economy of this illicit wealth dominated. This consequently led to a stunted progress in the nation & this aroused the tensions in the government.

Circumstances never changed until the advent of today. India witnessed the greatest ever reform with a stringent solution. Currency denominations of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 infused tremendous value transformed into mere bits of paper. Undoubtedly man is startled by such a measure, just a moment before his wallet was bleached with these notes, but now the same wallet is lifeless.  Kings palaces turned into poor man’s cottages, the guilt’s pocket made futile rebels, but after all, such well-defined move outshone all these rebels. The man raced to the banks in hope of fair deposit. Eventually government is winning its battle against corruption.

Life for the man was never so difficult. Today he is craving for his money. He is making endless efforts to grab the new notes. This move by the government marked era of principles, positive doctrine, righteousness and nobility. It is paving a way towards an immaculate, pious & a glorified nation.                        


Amish Agarwal



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