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Two paths – By Amish 

Two Paths Once lived a hypocrite named ego,  Who conspired with wealth & greed.  Also dwelled a virtue called love,  Who caged the souls of the greatest men.  It was on the stair case of esteem,  Where the love came... Continue Reading →


Plunging into a principled era! :Amish Agarwal 

It was rightly quoted by someone that India is the cradle of human race, birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, & the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable & most instructive materials in... Continue Reading →

“On top of the world”…An interactive session with Mr.Anupam Kher!

  Fortunately, it was 'me' who was offered an opportunity to attend an interactive session with Mr.Anupam Kher, a prestigious personality. So it all began with a small message on my WhatsApp group seeking students who want to attend the... Continue Reading →

Lord’s Sole Excuse… A poem by Amish Agarwal

This poem throws light on about the world, its glories & the tensions. It tells about the God's absence in the worldly matters is a big bane, but its eternal presence has paved the path towards a successful 'me'.

Is our life worth its value..? :Amish Agarwal 

"Life is but an empty dream" as stated by Henry Wadsworth is quiet a veracious statement which is  pertinent in today's era. People overlook the main ideals of life by just following what others say in faith of achieving success.... Continue Reading →

Model United Nations…

Model United Nations is a simulation of the actual committees of the United Nations. Model United Nations are informally known as MUNs. Although MUNs are trending in today’s era yet many students are unaware about its presence. MUNs are like... Continue Reading →

Travel: An unparalleled way of life! (World Tourism Day)

​ World Tourism Day... September 27 Life is an endless journey where travel is the best teacher! It is the only constant to get of boredom. It is futile to debate on the topic that travelling around the globe is... Continue Reading →

Various hues in Amish Agarwal 

  Various Hues in Nature   When the white moonlight teases the dark gloomy forest; The shimmering glow provokes the eternal joy; Ruining the dismay amid its treacherous path; Showing the strength of a vibrant charm!   When the sparkling... Continue Reading →

Brain Drain: Resistance to our nation’s gain!

  Indians are always portraying their talent in every possible field, discipline. They are enriched with knowledge and laden with potential and calibre. Indians are responsible for seamless discoveries. They are teeming with potential and calibre. But why do they hesitate... Continue Reading →

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