Incidental Life: Letter to a father from the future

My Millennial Journal

Nariman House,                                                                                                       Bombay,400021                                                                                           10thJanuary, 2028                   
Dear Dad,

Snowflakes were pouring on the small hill station of Manali. Railway tracks were draped in snow, occasionally we could see the construction workers scraping the additional snow for new developmental projects. Winter had just approached with glee and…

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“On top of the world”…An interactive session with Mr.Anupam Kher!

  Fortunately, it was 'me' who was offered an opportunity to attend an interactive session with Mr.Anupam Kher, a prestigious personality. So it all began with a small message on my WhatsApp group seeking students who want to attend the session. I was restless and thus I grabbed my parents permission to attend the same.  …